What are The Difference Between Xtrime And X Xtrime Series?

Xtrime and X Xtrime series both are falling in higher strength of Nicotine kick range. That's usually suggested to Experienced. Xtrime is the new line up of Killa and Pablo. Where X Xtrime is the newest and more strongest version afte Xtrime. Here we will describe the difference between Xtrime and X Xtrime Pouches.


Packaging Difference:

Xtrime is packed by white Packaging where X Xtrime is packed by Black Packaging.

Pouch Size Difference:

There is no difference between the sizes of pouches. Both of the Xtrime and X Xtrime have pouches in size at .8 gram.

X Xtrime has another package where the weight of one pouch is .67 gram.

Number of Pouches:

Xtrime and X Xtrime both have 20 pouches in a packet.

For .67 gram portions X Xtrime has 15 Pouches.

Pouches Weight:

Xtrime and X Xtrime both have pouches weight at 16 grams (20*.8).

For .67 gram pouch X Xtrime have weight 15*.67= 10.05 grams.

Nicotine Strength Difference:

Xtrime has Nicotine Strength at 16 mg per gram or 12.8 mg per pouch. Where X Xtrime has come in Nicotine Strength at 30 mg per gram or 24 milligram per pouch.

For .67 gram pouch Nicotine Strength per pouch: 20 milligrams.

Flavor Longevity Difference:

Xtrime has flavor longevity at 35-40 minutes where X Xtrime has flavor longevity at 40-45 minutes.